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 [b]Magazine salesman strikes again! This time breaking and entering today![/b]

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PostSubject: [b]Magazine salesman strikes again! This time breaking and entering today![/b]   Fri Oct 29, 2010 12:14 pm

I know this isn't a new topic, but I thought responding to my own posts would get lost and I think this is getting serious. The man who goes around selling magazines or inpersonating a PACT non-profit fundraiser actually went into someone's home after finding the screen door was open. The woman on Primrose who was yelled at and called several bad names and a racist after she said she didn't have any money last week, was surprised to find the same black man in his mid-twenties about 5'7" tall and slender standing in the middle of her living room. He walked in through the closed gate to her small courtyard and entered into the house through the open screen door today in the early afternoon. She screamed when she walkd into the living room and he fled running down Holly towards Franklin. She is afraid to call the police since he has already staked out the house and went back to break in. Apparently one of these guys was questioned recently, but the guy keeps coming back every day. I saw him wearing slacks and a white shirt with a tie today. I wish I would've known he had broken into her house because I would've kicked his ass. The woman is my friend. Keep your doors locked! Some of these guys are impersonators and make xerox copies of non-profit flyers to hand out accepting donations. They should have some kind of ID to show they are associated with the organization.
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[b]Magazine salesman strikes again! This time breaking and entering today![/b]
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