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 Two young black men came to my house two days in a row

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PostSubject: Two young black men came to my house two days in a row   Tue Nov 02, 2010 8:09 am

I just read the previous post about the "magazine salesmen" but my experience was very strange.

Yesterday around 2pm a young very neatly dressed, black man knocked on my door. When I asked who it was, no response, when I asked again he just said "Sean" in a really strange voice. I said that I don't open my door to strangers. He muttered a few things and left. I watched him walk up the hill going house to house.

Today the same exact thing happened around 3pm except it was a different man, same weird response "Sean". I again watched him go up the hill house to house.

This time I called the police and they just came to my home and I explained what I had experienced. They seemed concerned to say the least.

I saw the same looking guys on the other side of the hill near Temple a few days ago.

I live towards the middle of El Contento Drive.

Keep your doors locked and call the police if you see them again.

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Two young black men came to my house two days in a row
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