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 Construction on Vine Street between Primrose and Ivar

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PostSubject: Construction on Vine Street between Primrose and Ivar   Mon Mar 28, 2011 11:48 pm

Construction has been going on at that location for several months now and I live on Ivar several houses down. This house is located right next to several multi-unit buildings and I've heard a lot of neighbors complain about excessive noise and yelling amongst the workers. This morning at 7am on Monday hammer banging started and although I know 7am is ok for the city of Los Angeles to begin making noise, but it was kind of loud. I went over out of curiosity and looked over a fence and into the work aread. Since there are no exterior walls up I could see one of the workers wearing a tool belt and holding a circular saw in his hand. This is what I saw - he would alternately take his hammer and bang it against a beam for a few moments then put it back on his belt, bend over and pick up the circular saw and turn it on, then put it back down and take his hammer again to bang on the beam. He wasn't nailing anything and wasn't cutting anything. I observed this for about a minute then called him on it and threatened to tell the owner. They laughed and continued to do it. This went on until 8am. So for an hour these guys made random noise and I truly believe it is to annoy the neighbors who have complained about excessive noise. Sounds crazy and you wouldn't think that people would do this kind of vindictive noise making, but I saw it with my own two eyes. I was amazed but not surprised. Not only were they being rude to the neighborhood, they were also taking advantage of the owner who is paying them to do construction. I suppose that drinking on a Sunday night makes for a mean construction worker on a Monday morning.
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Construction on Vine Street between Primrose and Ivar
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